Samsung Has Admitted To Hiring People To Badmouth HTC

Samsung is currently in situation we really didn’t expect. A Taiwanese website called TaiwanSamsungLeaks has accused Samsung of hiring people to talk negatively about HTC on the internet. And surprisingly, Samsung has admitted that it’s true. Samsung “has ceased all marketing activities that involve the posting of anonymous comments” after what they call an “unfortunate incident.” It’s strange though, that they just admit it. Good of them, but strange.

Why would they do this in the first place? Forgetting that it’s plain rude (we’re kind people here at DroidDog), it shows that Samsung finally views HTC as a real threat. Could Samsung really be scared? Could the device redesign for improved quality rumor be real? It’s all too possible, with the determination HTC is showing (along with an awesome product).

Samsung could be fined up to NT$25 million (or about $835,000 in US dollars) by the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission for this incident. They could also invoke action from HTC, who said they will be “taking appropriate action.” If we were HTC, we’d be pissed about a competitor hiring anonymous commenters to hate on us on our own turf. If you were HTC, what would you do to Samsung? Or do you think what they did isn’t so bad? Leave a comment!

And Samsung, for the record, we think there are enough senseless haters on the internet.

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