Samsung May Soon Announce A Ruggedized Model Of The Galaxy S 4

At a press conference in Dubai, Samsung announced that they will be releasing the Samsung Galaxy S 4 for that market. But there was an interesting detail we simply can’t ignore. Young Soo kin, president of Samsung Gulf, was asked why Samsung hadn’t made a waterproof device. His answer was that a ruggedized Samsung Galaxy S 4 will be announced in the coming weeks. And without a rumor or even a peep about it, we’re surprised to hear that this is happening.

Hopefully this wasn’t a mistake and Samsung is making a ruggedized phone that is a Galaxy S 4 variant, not some other phone. Because a tougher S 4 is something we simply cannot complain about. I doubt we’d be seeing it in the US, but it could be a good direction for Samsung to move towards, and might give us a look into the future of their products. Would any of you buy a ruggedized, dust and water proof Galaxy S 4? Are these features important to you? Leave a comment!

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