Samsung Posts Video About The Galaxy S 4 Design Story

Last year, after Samsung had released the Galaxy S III onto the market, they posted a video describing its design. They showed the S III being created, while talking about what inspired its design. The whole nature aspect may have been silly, but it was clever and interesting. That video was good, because it highlighted what was good about the Galaxy S III. Read: It was useful.

As of today, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is available on three of the four major US carriers, so it was time for another video. This one surprisingly didn’t have all that much footage of the Galaxy S 4. There were a lot of random shots of cities, people, nature, sunrises, and shots of the S 4 taken apart, not quite being designed or built. And the talk? It’s all about “improving lives” and the phone being “aware” and other useless, generic speech. It’s really not a good video, as you can tell by the thumbs up/down ratio:

As the resident Samsung fanboy of DroidDog, even I thought this video was bad. It was useless and, dare I say, insulting to watch. But that’s my opinion. Give it a watch, it’s a short video, and tell us what you think in the comments! Was it as bad as my dramatic self is making it out to be, or is it just misunderstood?

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