Samsung Predicts Quarterly Profit Of $7.7 Billion

Samsung has been seeing record breaking profits five quarters in a row, and their success is undeniable. But their prediction for the first quarter of the year is 8.7 trillion won in profits, which is about $7.7 billion. This is up a whole 53% from last year, which was 5.7 trillion won.

Their shipments of smartphones has also risen. Analysts predict that they shipped anywhere from 68 to 70 million smartphones in Q1, compared to 63 million last quarter. In comparison, Apple is said to have sold 30 million in Q1, compared to 47.8 million last quarter. Samsung seems to have beaten whatever slowdown Apple experienced.

And even better, 42 analysts say that they may earn 9.7 trillion won in Q2 with the release of the Galaxy S 4. Though others believe that the Galaxy S 4 being more expensive to manufacture will cut into profits, there seems to be no stopping Samsung.


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