Samsung Teams Up With Mozilla To Create New Browser Engine

We may soon see a new browser from Samsung. As you know, Google discontinued the stock Android browser in favor of a more closed browser, Chrome for Android. Samsung, who builds their own browser off the stock Android browser, could be a little stuck. So of course, they go and work with Mozilla to create not just a new browser, but an entirely new browser engine. This new engine will be called Servo.

The entire engine is being written in Mozilla’s own programming language called Rust, developed to be efficient and extremely safe. Many security holes are by default plugged up, so Servo should be a lot safer than WebKit browsers. And on top of that, it’s their goal to create a browser that will take advantage of modern hardware, so your octa core devices of the future won’t be wasted.

Samsung helped Mozilla with the ARM part of building this engine, and getting it to cross-compile to Android. It seems like a beautiful partnership, and if Samsung’s browser gets even better, we won’t complain! Tell us what you think!

Mozillla Blog | Android Police

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