Spigen Ultra Bumper Case Review

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When you get a mainstream phone like the Galaxy S III or HTC One, you know that there will be an overwhelming number of cases available for it. But the real problem comes when choosing a case. You could go for something dirt cheap on eBay and then be rewarded with an extremely poorly-made case in return. But there’s also the option of shelling out a bit of extra money and going with something a bit more premium, something that will both look great as well as perform superbly. And that’s the kind of case that Spigen’s Ultra Bumper is.

At the price of $21.99, the Ultra Bumper isn’t necessarily cheap for a case. But it’s not terribly overpriced, either. It performs admirably in the line of duty, providing excellent day-to-day protection as well as blending well with the original design of the phone. A combination of TPU and molded polycarbonate form the case to fit tightly to your phone and not add much extra bulk. It’s slim and will easily fit into the pockets of your favorite skinny jeans. But what you really care about is how it feels in the hand. Does it fit right? Will it slip? Is it easy to use?

I am happy to report that the Ultra Bumper case for the Galaxy S III checks out perfectly in the above categories. The case isn’t floppy like TPU cases often are and is instead fairly rigid and very form fitting to the phone, even to the point that the back will sometimes come off as well as the case when you take it off. But it’s better for it to stay on than to fall off so that’s easily overlooked. As for fitting in your hand, it does that perfectly. The original rounded shape of the S III is well preserved and it still nestles right into your hand and the tiny bit of extra thickness that’s added is actually beneficial on such a thin phone. The materials of the case are all matte and surprisingly tough feeling. As for ease of use, the case didn’t add extra bulk to awkwardly position the phone in your hand. And I also had quite the pleasant surprise when I found that the power button cover actually increased responsiveness. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once that happens, it’s quite nice to have it respond so easily. The volume controls were slightly iffy. At times, they were extremely responsive but at other times, they were a real pain to change the volume. But it was bearable and better than many of the covers on other cases. No need to take an X-Acto knife to these!

Of course, this is a case so we need to see how it actually protects itself. My testing of the case was both intentional and surprisingly for myself, accidental as well. It survived a couple of decent drops from about three or four feet onto a hard surface. There wasn’t even a scratch left on the case after the falls. I had the same result after I stuck it into a pocketful of keys. So for protecting your phone, the case does a great job.

Due to the fact that it is a bumper case, the back and front are both exposed with only shock protection around the edges. Spigen nicely includes front and back screen protectors with the case so that you at least have something to help with protection. These are dry apply screen protectors so they’re very easy to put on your phone as long as you don’t have shaky hands. I also recommend doing an extremely good job of cleaning your screen before you put it on because dust or fuzz that gets stuck under the screen protector will drive you crazy. Both screen protectors spent plenty of time with some keys in my pocket and shockingly, didn’t come out scratched or torn. They feel fine in use and while they will pick up fingerprints and grease more easily than glass might, that’s common among screen protectors. All in all, a solid pair of screen protectors.

So would I recommend this case to Galaxy S III owners? Without a moment’s hesitation. The case is perfectly snug and looks great, your phone is protected from day-to-day drops and scratches, and you can get a couple of nice screen protectors out of the deal. Some more pictures are down below for your viewing pleasure. If you want to pick one up for yourself, then simply follow the link below and press the order button!

Spigen Ultra Bumper Case

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