Sprint Galaxy S III First To Get Multi-View In The US, Update Rolling Out Now

The Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III is getting an update today, and it’s something special. No, it isn’t Android 4.2. It keeps the Android version the same, but adds one feature that international models have had for a while. Multi-View is the feature made famous by the Galaxy Note II, allowing you to use two apps split screen, even adjusting how much room each takes up. It’s true multitasking, and it was brought to the S III in a premium suite update for international models.

It looks like Sprint is the first to bring it to the US, as the new update contains Multi-View, along with a home screen security fix, camera features, gallery enhancements, the new Paper Artist app you don’t particularly want, and bulk SMS enhancements. To get the update, go to Settings > About phone > Software update and check for updates! If it doesn’t show as available, wait a few days for it to roll out to you. Tell us if you got it!

Sprint | Android Police

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