SwiftKey Introduces Tilt, Get Your Whole Body Working On Typing Messages

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SwiftKey wants in on the April Fools fun with the introduction of “SwiftKey Tilt,” a new keyboard designed to offer a “whole-body typing experience.” So how does it all come together? Well, remember your days of playing pinball at the local arcade? Neither do I, but you know what pinball is and so does SwiftKey as they’ve incorporated pinball-style ball movement into a brand new way of typing. Simply guide the little pinball across the screen and spell out words. It’s just that simple and you can have as much fun as the SwiftKey employees in the video below.

And if you want to try it for yourself, you can! With the Play Store version of SwiftKey, type “Tilt” and long press the prediction with the word in it. There you’ll be able to enable tilt. It doesn’t quite work like in the videos, as it only allows you to hit the pinball into predictions, but it’s still fun!

SwiftKey Tilt:  The Whole -Body Typing Experience

LONDON — April 1, 2013 — SwiftKey today unveils SwiftKey Tilt, the future of smartphone typing. The revolutionary new input method transforms the everyday activity of typing into a whole-body, immersive experience. SwiftKey Tilt makes it possible to text loved ones, email colleagues and type soliloquies without even touching the screen; just rock, wiggle or shimmy your smartphone to insert words in a truly innovative way. Drawing on SwiftKey’s mind-reading word prediction ability, SwiftKey Tilt is the most significant typing innovation since the quill.

SwiftKey Tilt works by unleashing a pinball into the keyboard to power a third, exciting way to type on your device. While tapping or flowing words, the device accelerometer sends the brightly colored ball across the keyboard and when it collides with a prediction, the word is inserted. This frees up thumbs to make even quicker progress through a text, email or Tweet. It also offers users an eye-catching way to interact with their devices and is fully compatible with both the Macarena and the Harlem Shake.

“We always felt that fundamentally typing is about how you express yourself,” said Dr. Ben Medlock, SwiftKey co-founder and CTO. “We realized that we’ve never really focused on making that possible through physical movement, though. With SwiftKey Tilt we’ve changed all that.  By moving your whole body to control the little pink ball, users can now be more expressive when they type. Whether that’s body poppin’, Gangnam Style or my personal Tilting move of choice of ‘the mash potato’, it leads to a more expressive and personalized result.”

The innovative new typing method is available today for all SwiftKey users inquisitive enough to find it.

SwiftKey is a No.1 best-selling app on Google Play in over 50 countries, with contextual predictions available in 60 languages and counting. For more information about SwiftKey, visit www.swiftkey.net.

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