SwiftKey Releases Some Fascinating And Awesome Stats

As you probably know, the SwiftKey app collects statistics from your typing. And in case you didn’t know, the company collects those stats for itself. Your device will send them these statistics. But don’t fret, all the statistics are anonymous and don’t contain anything you actually typed, only how you type. So please, don’t freak out. SwiftKey is safe and private.

However, these statistics are amazing! For example, USA has the most SwiftKey users (42% according to them), despite being average in every other way. The most active typists are in Mexico, typing 2,650 characters per day, compared to the average of 1,794. The efficiency badge is given to Denmark, who hae an overall efficiency of 37% compared to 34%, and 6.7% of their words are chosen without typing at all, compared to the 4.3% average. India has 84% of people with Flow turned on, compared yo 74% overall. Poland Flow 31% of their words, compared to 24% average. And Canada Flows the most per day, 6.4m per day compared to 5.1m overall. Surprisingly, the Greeks were the sloppiest of all typers, with SwiftKey correcting 10% of all characters compared to 8% overall. And Vietnam was the most likely to share their stats with the world.

14% of Switzerland users have three languages enabled, compared to the lowly 4.3% average. Greek users with two or more languages clock in at 60%, with the average being 21% overall.

In terms of themes, countries are split on that too. Norwegians are the most plain but classy, with 60% staying on the default Cobalt theme. My people, the Russians, are the most loyal to Android and are the biggest fans of the Holo theme, with 18% using it compared to the average of 14%. Mexico likes switching themes, with 73% of people not on Cobalt. Turkey likes Sky Blue, Vietnam likes Light, and Ireland likes Fuchsia. And Indonesia are the most colorful; out of all the countries, they use Pumpkin, Dark, Berry, and Neon the most.

That’s a lot of statistics to absorb, but it’s pretty awesome for SwiftKey to post it. It’s cool to see where your country is at with SwiftKey (it’s too bad that the US is so boring). What do you guys think?


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