T-Mobile Updates Galaxy S II To Jelly Bean

The international Samsung Galaxy S II has received its Jelly Bean update quite a while ago, and it’s a big one. Not only does it introduce a new Android version to the aging device, but it also brought the new Nature UX with it. This meant that Galaxy S II owners got all the improvements from the S III. And using that update, I have to say it made the phone perform incredibly.

Now the T-Mobile Galaxy S II is getting a bump to Jelly Bean (surprising that a Snapdragon based S II would be getting it, not the Exynos based AT&T model). While it doesn’t specifically state that Nature UX is included, it’s safe to assume that it is. With this update, you’ll get Google Now, expandable notifications, and the smoothness that comes from Project Butter.

The update is Kies only and will be a 756MB download, so you’ll have to be at home to do it. Get your device connected to your computer and update, because this update will breathe life into your device.

T-Mobile | TmoNews

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