The Dog Park: Week Of April 15th

The HTC One is finally able to be purchased! AT&T, Sprint, and even T-Mobile customers have taken home shiny new, metal devices. We wish the best for HTC, as we dearly want them to succeed. With the HTC One, they deserve it. Not only that, but Google has also started shipping out Google Glass, so those who had $1500 to spare will surely be happy with their new toys. Hopefully we’ll be seeing the Samsung Galaxy S 4 next week!

April 15th
Possible Samsung Galaxy S 4 Launch Dates For Multiple U.S. Carriers Revealed In Leaked Staples Document
Samsung Worried Galaxy S 4 Quality Not Up To Par With HTC One, Could Update Design For Future Devices
Verizon Announces Payment Plans For Phones, Contracts Not Going Anywhere
Newest Facebook Ad Makes The Newsfeed Come To Life At The Dinner Table
Pantech Teases The Announcement Of Their Vega Iron
LG Teases Optimus G Pro In Black
AT&T HTC One Can Currently Have Its Bootloader Officially Unlocked By HTC Dev
The Samsung Galaxy Mega And Other Large Phones Further Usability More Than Hinder It
T-Mobile HTC One Release Date Of April 24th Seems To Be Confirmed

April 16th
AT&T Begins Samsung Galaxy S 4 Pre-Orders, Ships In Two Weeks For $199
Google Outs Glass Specifications, Full Day Of “Typical” Use Battery Life
Head Of Windows Mobile Bashes Android, Avoids Questions
Experimental Google Webpage With An “App Launcher” Available With Browser Tweak
LG Holding Event On May First In NYC
Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 Cases Shown Off On Video
Eric Schmidt Calls Next Motorola Phones Phenomenal, Announces Android Reaching 1.5 Million Activations Per Day
Verizon Galaxy S 4 Branding Confirmed To Not Be As Obnoxious As The Note II’s
OtterBox Cases Now Available For The HTC One

April 17th
Samsung Details Galaxy S 4 US Launch As T-Mobile, Sprint Confirm Launch Dates
(Update: It’s Over) Don’t Panic: Some Google Services Are Down, Including Gmail And Google Drive
First Google Glass Unboxings Hit The Web As Explorer Editions Start To Arrive
Midweek Poll: How Do You Use Your Tablet?
Samsung Has Admitted To Hiring People To Badmouth HTC
Samsung Galaxy S 4 Won’t Include FM Radio
RadioShack Leak Reveals Possible AT&T Galaxy S 4 Launch Date, April 26th
HTC 606w Is A Mid Range HTC Device With What Looks Like Dual Front Facing Speakers
Google Allows Specific Screenshots In Play Store Depending On Tablet Size
Google Intends To Bring Google Fiber To Provo, Utah
Pocket App Updated For Their One Year Anniversary, Adds Send To Friend And More

April 18th
Nexus 10 Sales Haven’t Been Very Strong, According To Estimate
SwiftKey Releases Some Fascinating And Awesome Stats
Google Creating A Multiplayer Back End For The Play Store
ACLU Demands Security Updates From US Carriers
Google Earning Reports For Q1 2013 Released, $14 Billion In Revenue
Verizon Takes To Twitter And Finally Confirms Samsung Galaxy S 4 Availability In May

April 19th
HTC One Now Available Nationwide At AT&T, Sprint…T-Mobile Pre-Orders Begin This Morning
Samsung Releases Kernel Source For The Galaxy S 4
Google Buys Utah’s iProvo Network For $1, Has 5 Years To Finish Upgrading It
Google’s New App “One Today” Lets You Donate $1 To A New Cause Every Day
Android Should Have A Bigger Place In The Tablet Market Than It Does
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Unboxing And Overview
Woot Has The 1080p ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity For $370 Brand New
Weekend Poll: Are You Picking Up The HTC One?

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