The Dog Park: Week Of April 1st

You knew this would be an interesting week, to say the least. April 1st is always the time where companies throw small jokes out. Google was a heavy participant, with SwiftKey making an awesome and usable April Fools feature. It goes without saying that it was a day unlike any other, whether you enjoyed it or not. Then there was the Facebook event, announcing a unique launcher called Facebook Home and a new phone called the HTC First. It has been an interesting week, so if you missed anything, check it out!

April 1st
Google Once Again Dominates April Fools With Amazing “New Services”
AT&T Video Outs Carrier As Exclusive Provider For 64GB HTC One Variant
SwiftKey Introduces Tilt, Get Your Whole Body Working On Typing Messages
RadioShack Hanging HTC One Ads, Offering $50 Play Gift Card With Purchase
Android Keeps Gaining Popularity, Leads The US Market
Feedly RSS App Hits The Play Store With New Features
AT&T To Begin Selling Kindle Fire HD 8.9 LTE April 5th
32GB Model Of HTC One Pre-Orders Starting This Week
HTC Thunderbolt Updating Again, Fixing Bugs ICS Introduced
Soundfreaq Releases Limited Edition “Boom Freaq” With Boombox Guise

April 2nd
Rumor: Samsung “Galaxy Mega” Smartphones On The Horizon?
AT&T Announces HTC One Availability For April 19th, 32GB Model For $199
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Plus Renders And Specs Leak Out?
Sprint Announces HTC One Availability For April 19th For $200, Pre-Orders Start Friday
Russians Run Two ROMs At The Same Time on Galaxy S II/Nexus S
Galaxy S 4 May Launch In Eastern Europe In Two Weeks
Pre-Order AT&T HTC One, Get Free Media Link HD
ASUS Giving Out GPS Dongle And $17 To US TF201 Owners Due To Lawsuit
New Images Show Off Facebook Phone, Rumored HTC Myst, As HTC First
LG Lucid 2 Coming To Verizon For Free On Contract
Quickoffice Free For Businesses Using Google Apps
AntTek Quick Settings Emulates Android 4.2 Notification Toggles
Android Distribution Numbers For March Are In, With A Change In Data Collection

April 3rd
Reuters Sources Say Next-Gen Nexus 7 Coming In July, May Bring Price Drop
Second Set Of Leaked Images Show Upcoming Facebook “Phone” In Three Colors
AT&T Announces Galaxy S 4 Pricing: $200 For 16GB, 32GB For $250
Users Spend The Most Time Of Their Smartphone Usage On Games
Photos Of Facebook Home Revealed
Chinese HTC One Variant Has MicroSD Slot Under Removable Cover
ASUS Rolling Out Jelly Bean 4.2 Update To Transformer Pad Infinity
Agenda Calendar Updated With New Resizable Widget
Samsung Teams Up With Mozilla To Create New Browser Engine
Official Twitter App Updated, Gets Holo UI Treatment
Google Introduces Three New Accessories For The Nexus 4
Update: Google Creates Its Own Rendering Engine For Chromium
Google Search Updated With Some New Fancy Tricks

April 4th
HTC One AT&T Pre-Orders Start Today, Sprint Pre-Orders Begin Tomorrow
Samsung To Setup “Experience Shops” In 1400 Best Buy Stores Nationwide
DROID BIONIC Jelly Bean Testing Begins To Roll Out
Facebook Event Starts 1PM EDT/10AM PDT, Watch It Here
Calling All App Developers, Holo Is Here To Stay So Make Use Of It
Facebook Announces Facebook Home, Launcher And Lockscreen For Android
HTC And Facebook Officially Announce The HTC First, Launches April 12th On AT&T For $99.99
Samsung Galaxy S 4 Rooted By Chainfire, Currently Only Qualcomm Model
AT&T Optimus G Updating To Jelly Bean 4.1.2
WiFi Only Galaxy Camera Announced For $449
Poll: Is Facebook Home For You?

April 5th
HTC One Pre-Orders Now Available For Sprint, Developer Editions
Samsung Predicts Quarterly Profit Of $7.7 Billion
Verizon CEO Willing To Drop Contracts If The Customer Demands It
HTC One Live Experience Tour Launches Across The Country
Sony Xperia Z – Unboxing And Hands On
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Accessories Available In The UK
Google May be Bringing Fiber To Austin, Texas

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