The Dog Park: Week Of April 22nd

With the HTC One in stores and the Samsung Galaxy S 4 released this week, competition is getting crazy. Now is the time for people to be making up their minds. Travelling to any carrier store to play with both devices at once is the best way so far, and I think you will quickly realize your loyalty once both are in your hands. And of course, as soon as both flagships are on the market, they are proven inferior by Qualcomm announcing that the more powerful Snapdragon 800 will start mass production in May. Technology has a funny way of making us feel bad. So now that both devices are on shelves and demo units are on display, let us know if you’ve made the final decision. If you’ve used both, which one do you prefer, the HTC One or the Samsung Galaxy S 4?

April 22nd
Black HTC One Shows Up On AT&T And Sprint Sites, Currently Unavailable
Google’s Revenue From The Play Store Quickly Catching Up To Apple
Google Now May Be Coming To The Web
Verizon’s Galaxy S 4 Sign Up Page Live
Sony Teases Jelly Bean For Variety Of Smartphones In Tweet
LG Clarifies May 1st Event, Announcing The Optimus G Pro
Man Tries To Destroy Galaxy S 4 Display With Knives, (Obviously) Unsuccessful
Google Glass Is Still A “Year-ish” Away As Explorer Program Continues
Nokia Gets Preliminary Injunction On HTC One Over Microphone Tech
AT&T Discloses Samsung Galaxy S 4 In-Store Release Date

April 23rd
Sony Releases AOSP GitHub For The Xperia Z, Invites Developers To Start Tinkering
Pantech Perception Announced For Verizon, $99 After Rebate On April 25th
Custom Kernel For HTC One Maps HTC Logo To Button, Two Versions Available
Reference To HTC DLXPLUS In Leaked OTA Info Hints At Verizon Landing
Falcon Pro Updated With Offline Mode, New Translations
HTC One X 4.2.2 Update May Be Its Last
Samsung May Soon Announce A Ruggedized Model Of The Galaxy S 4
RadioShack Stocking AT&T And Sprint Galaxy S 4 On April 27th

April 24th
Swype 1.5 Drops The Beta Tag And Finally Enters The Play Store For Sale
T-Mobile, Sprint Delay Galaxy S 4 Launches For Unknown Reasons
Verizon Opens Galaxy S 4 Pre-Orders Tomorrow, Release On May 30th
International HTC One Receiving Update, Bug Fixer With Focus On Camera Improvements
Deal: AT&T HTC One For $150 For Both Upgrades And New Accounts
Overwhelming Demand Responsible For Samsung Galaxy S 4 Delays
Sprint Galaxy S III First To Get Multi-View In The US, Update Rolling Out Now
Sony Xperia P, Go, And E Dual Updating To Jelly Bean This Week
CyanogenMod Bringing Voice Shutter Functionality To Their ROMs Soon
US Cellular Announces Galaxy S 4 Release Date, April 26th Online And 30th In Store

April 25th
Samsung Hosts Grand Unveiling Of Samsung Experience Shop In Best Buy In NYC
AT&T LG Optimus G Pro Photo Leaked
HTC And T-Mobile Finally Decide To Update The One S To Jelly Bean
Iron Man 3 Official Game Launches On The Play Store, Massive Endless Runner
Google Glass Contains Easter Egg With The Team Who Made It
Sprint And Motorola Rolling Out Jelly Bean For The Photon Q
Verizon Galaxy S 4 Pre-Orders Live Now
Vine For Android Coming Soon, According To Co-Founder Dom Hofmann

April 26th
Deal: Refurb Sony Xperia Tablet S For $230
Google Play Bans Apps From Updating Outside Of The Play Store
Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Going Into Mass Production This May
International Galaxy S 4 Available On eBay For $700
Top 4 Reader Recommendations: Reddit Apps
HP Slate 7 Launches For Only $170
Google Glass App Store Will Have A Pre-Approval Process At First
iFixit Tears Apart A Galaxy S 4, Gives It An Encouraging 8 Out Of 10
Samsung Electronics Releases Profit Figures, Made $6.4 Billion In Net Profit
Google Glass Specs Revealed, Dual Core With Ice Cream Sandwich

April 27th
A First Look At The HTC First Facebook Phone
Public Service Announcement: Galaxy S 4 Now Available From AT&T, Sprint

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