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Welcome to our first installment of our Top 4 Reader Recommendations series.  We know how important our readers are to our success and we want to share your favorite apps with the Android community.  Personally, I’ve seen a couple of these type lists before and have found a few applications and games that I now use regularly.  To kick off this series, I thought we’d start with your recommendations for Reddit apps.

#4 RedReader Beta

RedReader Beta

Number of reviews: 680
Play Store Rating: 4.7
Cost: Free

  • Swipe posts left and right to perform customizable actions, such as upvote/downvote, or save/hide.
  • Multiple account support
  • Two-column Tablet mode
  • Multiple themes including Night mode.

Get it on Google Play

#3 Reddit Sync

Reddit Sync

Number of reviews: 5226
Play Store Rating: 4.7
Cost: Free

  • ICS Holo Interface
  • Download images for offline use
  • Multiple themes
  • Google Drive Support

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#2 BaconReader for Reddit


Number of reviews: 16754/1428
Play Store Rating: 4.5
Cost: Free/$1.99

  • Jelly Bean compatibility with expandable notifications
  • Full screen mode
  • Color coded comment threads
  • Ad-free (Premium)

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#1 Reddit is Fun

Reddit is Fun

Number of reviews: 105154/8692
Play Store Rating: 4.7/4.8
Cost: Free/$1.99

  • Widget support
  • Syncs with
  • Moderator Features
  • Phone and Tablet optimized

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Well there you have it, a quick look at your favorite apps for accessing Reddit.  Reddit is Fun is the most popular by quite a few votes, and even our own writer Dima, uses Reddit is Fun as his primary app for the site.  Each of the respective apps have their own unique advantages, but the Reddit app I keep going back to is Reddit Sync.  The ability to quickly switch between subreddits by swiping to the side makes navigation inside the app very smooth.

Let me know your thoughts on the series in the comments below.  We value our readers and would love to know what you are looking for from us!


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