Turn Off Facebook Home To Improve Security On The HTC First

Facebook Home

This week, Facebook introduced us to the new Android-only Facebook Home.  We also learned that the HTC First is one of the devices that ships with Facebook Home as the default launcher  That’s great news if you use Facebook frequently, but what about users that don’t access Facebook regularly?  Well, we now know that the Facebook launcher can be disabled in the Settings, providing the user with a stock Android environment.  Even though the HTC First may run stock Android, it doesn’t guarantee it will receive updates on the same level as the Nexus might receive them.  We can only hope that it does.

The new Facebook Home has also generated some privacy concerns among Android users.  Concerns stem from the belief that the new Facebook Home will be able to perform such tasks as tracking your location as well as monitoring your personal messages.  To alleviate these fears, Facebook has released a new Privacy FAQ.  Below you will find some of the key points:

  • You can use Facebook without using Facebook Home
  • Facebook Home is just another app you install from Google Play. You can uninstall it at any time.
  • Facebook Home collects your Facebook activity, location, Facebook messages, and the apps in your Home app launcher. This data is user-identifiable for 90 days.
  • Facebook can not collect any data outside of the Home app, unless you use the HTC First  – then it can track what apps generate notifications, but not the content of the notification.

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