Twitter Update Fixes “Me” Tab Continuous Loading Bug

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Twitter’s recent Holo-inducing UI update for Android was met with both happiness and at least one notable hiccup. with “Me” tab and it’s continuous “loading.” Well, good news as the fine folks at Twitter have seen fit to issue a quick update to “fix ‘Me’ tab loading issues.” Happy happy joy joy.

Twitter’s newly redesign Holo-ui was a good step in the right direction to improve the aesthetic appeal as Twitter continues to eliminate the competition through its API decisions. Of course Twitter for Android users took to…wait for it…Twitter to complain about the “Me” bug and we’re happy to see it was fixed fairly quickly.

Overall, the brand new Twitter for Android is still a beautiful app with an excellent redesign and while it lacks the power features of third-party options, at the very least it’s pleasing on the eyes.

What’s in this version:
- Fixes “Me” tab loading issues
- Improved UI on Honeycomb devices

Twitter for Android


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