(Updating Continuously) Google Once Again Dominates April Fools With Amazing “New Services”

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I’m not usually one to post April Fools day sales and you might think I’m a little bit after reading the next sentence. As I caught the introduction of a number of Google’s expected April 1st day jokes, I couldn’t help but wonder what Reader would look like today if they spent as much time on it as they did all these teaser videos.

Take Google Treasure Maps for instance as you search for the pirate booty of William “Captain” Kidd.

Now, don’t get me wrong as I got a nice chuckle out of this next video as Google announced the closing of YouTube. Apparently, the site has one been one big eight-year contest to find the best video ever created for online consumption. A winner has been chosen, who will it be?

Next up is Google Nose, a service that is well deserving of its BETA tag. According to Google, their Street Sense vehicles have inhaled and indexed millions of miles of atmospheric scents and developed the Android Ambient Oder Detection system. Thanks to SMELLCD, there are now millions of smells available for you to detect using Google Nose.

Perhaps my favorite of Google’s April 1st day jokes is the introduction of Gmail Blue. Seriously, this should be a theme. Just watch the video.

So just how many people are viewing our sister site TmoNews.com from the International Space Station right now thanks to newly added analtyics?

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Google’s newly added Levity Algorithm allows you to spice up “even the most boring of work days.” On a separate but related note, this video features Glenn from “The Walking Dead” which in case you haven’t seen last nights finale is a pretty good tip off he makes it. Just kidding, maybe he doesn’t.

Google also dropped this gem on us today, the Google Wallet ATM. If you ever need some cash, you plug this device into your phone and it’ll dispense bills for your use. It even dispenses ones, fifties, and the rare two dollar bill. That’s a lot more practical than 20′s from a standard ATM. And this is our favorite part:

“If your mobile ATM is running low on funds, a self-driving, armored, hybrid vehicle will be alerted and dispatched to your location – arriving within minutes to quickly and safely refill their ATM. ”

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