Verizon Changes Upgrade Eligibility Policies

Verizon 4G LTE

Sad news for Big Red customers today, Verizon has made some changes to their upgrade eligibility policies and they’re not all that good. For starters, you can now only upgrade your device when your tw0-year contract has run out. Previously, you could upgrade four months before the contract ran out as long as you were planning to stay on Verizon. But the good side of this is that it doesn’t affect customers whose two-year contracts end before January of 2014. So if you’re one of those people who got a smartphone at Christmas about a year and a half ago, you’ll still be able to upgrade in August.

There are a couple of other changes such as customers who still have New Every Two credits will have to use them before April 15, 2013 which is next Monday. The other change is with sharing upgrades on the same account. This is still allowed but only if they’re upgrading to a device in the same category. Such as a phone upgrade can be used to upgrade to another phone, basic or smart, but you couldn’t use your upgrade from a mobile hotspot or tablet to upgrade to something besides another tablet or mobile hotspot. The same is vice-versa so you couldn’t use your phone upgrade to get a new tablet or mobile hotspot. None of this is very good but the 24-month upgrade is probably the harshest of the news as I know that I’ve used that before and it’s been fantastic. What do you all think of these changes? Good? Bad? Ugly? Or perhaps all of the above. Let us know!

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