Verizon Takes To Twitter And Finally Confirms Samsung Galaxy S 4 Availability In May

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 9.37.54 PM

After a good deal of waiting and remaining silent while a number of competitors announced pre-orders and release dates, Verizon has *finally* taken to their Twitter page and announced the Galaxy S 4 launching in May. Being late is typical Verizon loves to do so there’s no real surprise in Big Red taking the opportunity to hog the spotlight this evening with the announcement. Unfortunately, they didn’t offer an exact date in May so it could be the 1st or it could be the 21st. Along with the date, pricing and internal storage sizing remained conspicuously absent.

In summary, Verizon announced the Galaxy S 4 was coming in May, leaving 744 hours over 31 days during the month that Verizon can release the device. All Verizon would say is “more details soon,” so we’re left guessing about just about everything regarding the launch. A leaked image via Staples earlier in the week has us believing Verizon will launch the Galaxy S 4 on May 30th, but the official launch date for the carrier will remain a mystery for now.

So there it is, Verizon made something resembling an announcement — in typical Verizon style of being fashionably late to the party.



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