Weather Station App Takes Advantage Of Galaxy S 4 Thermometer And Hygrometer

A new app has been made called Weather Station that does something unique while limiting its audience: it is made to take advantage of the extra sensors that the Galaxy S 4 has. If you didn’t know, the Galaxy S 4 is unique in having both a thermometer (temperature sensor) and hygrometer (humidity sensor). Android versions 4.0 and up have had the code for them, but the Galaxy S 4 offers both, alongside the standard barometer (pressure sensor).

With this app running on a Galaxy S 4, you’ll be able to view the temperature, pressure, dew point, and absolute humidity. On any other device that happens to have the barometer, you’ll only be able to see pressure. It can also graph the readings of the sensors. It may not be all that useful, but it’s great to see something taking advantage of the S 4′s array of sensors. And on top of that, the app is free and has no ads. It’s a lot like a proof of concept, but it’s a nifty app to try. If you own a Galaxy S 4, hit the source link and get downloading!

Play: Weather Station

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