Weekend Poll: Are You Picking Up The HTC One?


I love picking up devices the day they come out.  It feels awesome to have the new IT device.  However, I’ve also had it backfire.  I’m not trying to to be a buzz kill on anyone’s big day with the HTC One.  But seriously, one time I picked up the T-Mobile G2x on the day it came out for my personal device.  It was T-Mobile’s first device with a dual-core processor and I think the second dual-core processor phone to be released in the US.  Anyway, I was stoked to have it that day almost exactly two years ago and it was fun for a little while.  After that little while, I hated that device and ended up being my worst experience with a mobile device.  That being said, I pre-ordered the Nexus 7 the minute it went on sale and I LOVE it.  You know know it’s a little risky, but that’s part of the fun.

So, today, April 19, the HTC One is officially out on AT&T and Sprint.  We want to find out who’s getting one!  So for this weekend poll, we’re wondering if you’re picking up the HTC One.  Or are you holding out for the Samsung Galaxy S 4? Or something else?  Let us know by voting and commenting below!  Have a great weekend everyone!



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