Action Launcher Pro Updated With New Way To Add Items To Homescreen

Developer Chris Lacy is pushing out another update to his app Action Launcher Pro. This brings it up to version 1.6, and comes with one feature that makes the launcher a lot more useful. You can now drag apps from the quick drawer to your home screen, instead of having to long press the desktop. This new method is much faster, as demonstrated by this video. This also allows you to do the same for widgets, except unlike with stock Android, you can get to any widget nearly instantly by just pressing one of the letters to the side, instead of having to scroll all the way there.

Along with that, there is also improved support for both 7 inch and 10 inch tablets with this update, along with bug fixes. The update will be available in less than two hours, so keep an eye on the Play Store!

Twitter: @chrismlacy | Play: Action Launcher Pro

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