Android Distribution Numbers Are In Again, Not Too Much Has Changed

The distribution numbers for Android have been released for the previous month, and not much has changed. Let us remind you that last month, they changed how they collect these statistics: Instead of counting people who connected to Google services, it’s just people who visited the Play Store. While that’s not as useful for the average person to see how Android is doing, it’s much more useful for developers looking at their audience. And that’s really what the developer site is for.

Jelly Bean is on a slow but steady rise, while everything else drops. Both Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread had small drops, but nothing significant. Either way, we still have more than 55% of people on ICS or above, which we can get behind. But these statistics are almost the same every time, did you expect a huge change? Did every Gingerbread phone suddenly combust? Google, make it happen.

Android Developer

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