Apex Launcher Update Adds Overhauled UI, App Badges With DashClock Support


Apex Launcher, a favorite of many and the bitter rival of Nova Launcher, has received a massive update. This update brings the app up to version 2.0, with an entirely overhauled interface. It is now faster, smoother, and pretty much better than the old version in every way. There are also a ton of new features for people to play with. Free users can now modify vibration times for notifications and calls, while pro users can create folders in the app drawer along with the previous feature of adding tab groups.

Another pro feature is Apex Notifier. Similar to what Nova does, this standalone app will allow you to add badges to apps with an unread/missed count. The app also integrates with DashClock, sending all relevant info to the awesome widget. You can customize the look of the badges and what apps they appear on, all for free. But you will have to have Apex Launcher Pro to use it. And keep in mind DashClock is for Android 4.2 and up.

If you want any of these apps, hit the source links. Apex Launcher is free, while the Pro version will cost you $4. And with the Pro version, you can use the free Apex Notifier app. Check out the updated features and let us know what you think!

Play: Apex Launcher | Play: Apex Launcher Pro ($3.99) | Play: Apex Notifier | Life Hacker

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