AT&T Again Proven To Have The Fastest 4G Network

There was a study recently that proved AT&T’s 4G LTE network was the fastest in the country
, which meant faster than Verizon. Yet I still see Verizon ads claiming they have the fastest 4G network. A bit ridiculous, but it was just one study, right? Nope, because another study was just done that came to the exact same conclusion. Yes, AT&T’s 4G LTE network beat out Verizon again.

TechHive tested all four carriers with two devices: an iPhone 4S for 3G (which includes HSPA+ for the record), and a Samsung Galaxy Note II for 4G LTE. They used an average of speeds from 20 different locations. The conclusions were pretty predictable.

T-Mobile came out on top with the best 3G (obviously, they have HSPA+ 42, compared to AT&T’s HSPA+ 21), with 3.13 mbps down and 1.04 mbps up. AT&T came at an extremely close second with 2.97/0.96, which is surprising because their network has half the theoretical speed. That’s a big deal! But we all know CDMA 3G networks aren’t very good. Verizon had 0.8/0.52 mbps down and up, while Sprint had a lowly 0.4/0.31 mbps.

However, 4G LTE is where AT&T’s network really shines. They got 13.15 mbps down and 6.45 mbps up. Verizon didn’t even come close, with 9.61/5.47 mbps. T-Mobile was close behind with 9.01/2.65, which is pretty good for a network in its infant stages. And Sprint lags behind with 4.32/2.76 mbps.

In total throughput, AT&T’s network comes out almost 50% better than Verizon’s. Sprint, sadly, comes in at about 30% of AT&T’s total throughput. Of course, these don’t determine which network is best. There is also the factors of cost, coverage, and customer service. But in terms of speed, let’s just all agree that AT&T is king. Verizon, kindly take down your billboards advertising your network as the fastest: you have been dethroned.

TechHive | Droid-Life

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