AT&T Getting A 32GB Galaxy S 4 On May 10th, Only $50 More

There was a big controversy going on about the Samsung Galaxy S 4 only having 8.8GB of memory available out of the 16GB it ships with. Though it has a microSD slot, a lot of content can’t be transferred. Games, Play Store media, and more live only on internal memory, and 8.8GB is very little. TouchWiz has gotten bigger, so why hasn’t memory accommodated for that?

Luckily, AT&T announced that they will be carrying a 32GB model of the Galaxy S 4 starting May 10th. And even better, it’ll only cost $50 more than the 16GB model, bringing the total up to $249.99 on contract. We’re glad to see the price bump not being an absolutely ridiculous $100, considering internal memory is fairly cheap these days.

This should alleviate any issues people would have with the 16GB model, but why didn’t 32GB come standard? It seems that 32GB should have been the standard last year, and HTC has made it the standard with the HTC One coming with 32GB minimum, but only costing $199.99 on contract. Hopefully next year (I’ve been saying that every year since the Galaxy S first came out).

Does this make any of you happy? Were you worried about internal storage and have had your worries put to rest? Or is $50 too much to ask for 32GB of memory? Tell us in the comments!

Android Central

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