AT&T Has 49% Of The 3G Tablet Market Share, With Verizon Trailing at 42%

The 3G tablet market is still quite unpopular. Only 12% of tablets are connected, while the rest are WiFi. And we understand why cellular tablets are unpopular; they don’t have many uses, and tethering is far more useful. A hotspot will allow you to refrain from buying new hardware, like a 3G tablet and 3G cards for your computer. However, people still use them, and AT&T rules 49% of the market. Almost half!

Right behind AT&T, Verizon holds 42% of the market share. And of course, Sprint has 7% and T-Mobile has a meager 1%. So the top two carriers pretty much dominate. Hopefully tablets will start becoming useful, so this market share will go up. So do you have a mobile enabled tablet? If so, why? Tell us in the comments!

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