AT&T Launches Aio Wireless, Prepaid Carrier With Strange Limitation

Aio Wireless is the newest prepaid carrier in the US, owned by AT&T. It aims to provide the cheaper plans prepaid customers are used to, with two different smartphone plans you can pick from. The $55 a month plan offers unlimited data with a 2GB cap for high speed internet (you’ll be throttled after that), unlimited talk and messaging, and includes taxes and fees. Then there is the $70 per month plan, which boosts the high speed data cap all the way to 7GB. Definitely not bad. There is also a tablet plan for $15 a month that includes only 250MB of data (you know, enough for a 20 minute HD YouTube video).

With this service, you can bring your own unlocked phone or buy one of theirs. They even offer the iPhone 5. However, there is one strange limitation to all this. They claim you will get 4G service (unknown whether it’s HSPA+ or LTE, but it’s easy to assume it’s not LTE), but they cap download speeds at 4 mbps. That’s not much better than what my original Galaxy S got on AT&T 3G. But for some, this may not bother them. The service is available only in Houston, Orlando and Tampa, but will expand to other markets this year. So tell us, are these plans worth it? Would you consider it? Leave a comment!

Aio Wireless | Engadget

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