Both AT&T And T-Mobile Galaxy S 4s Getting OTA Updates

Two Samsung Galaxy S 4 models are getting updates today, namely the AT&T and the T-Mobile models. Both updates are fairly small OTA updates that will not change the Android version from 4.2.2, but it’s still nice to get some support so early on.

The AT&T model gets an update that’s only 21MB and brings the software version up to I337UCUAMDL. There is currently no official changelog from AT&T, but some say that it is a performance update. Tell us if you notice anything different!

The T-Mobile update, on the other hand, has been announced by T-Mobile itself. It’s a hefty 168MB in size, but offers small improvements. The visual voicemail app has been improved, as has the ISIS mobile payment app. Pretty simple. If you notice anything else included in this update, leave a comment!

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