Buy An HTC One This Weekend, Get $100 To $375 For Your Old Smartphone

HTC is giving you even more incentive to buy their HTC One with a deal: this weekend, buy an HTC One from any carrier and you’re eligible to get anywhere between $100 and $375 for a qualified smartphone. A Samsung Galaxy S 4 could get you $130 to $210 (why so little?) while an iPhone 5 could get you $300-$375. The deal is available from may 2nd to May 5th, so you’ll need to purchase the device in that bracket of time.

And to make switching even easier, HTC has created tools to aid you in the switch from any phone, whether it be an Android phone or even an iPhone. That’s an awesome way to encourage people to switch, as the actual switch and data migration may be one of the hardest things.

Hit the source links to find out more about the deal and the transfer software if you’re interested. And tell us if you take advantage of this deal!

HTC Weekend Offer | Switch to HTC

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