Chrome Beta For Android Receives Update, Adds Translate Bar And Fullscreen For Tablets

Chrome Beta for Android, the cutting edge alternative to the standard Chrome browser for our Android smartphones, has been updated to version 28. This new update includes an awesome feature that emulates its desktop counterpart: automatic translations using Google Translate. When you visit a site that is in a foreign language, Chrome will pop up a small bar asking if you want to translate the page to your native language. It’s an amazing feature on the desktop Chrome browser, and I’m really happy to see it finally come to mobile.

Chrome Beta also brings a few more features. The standard Chrome for Android brought full screen browsing to phones, and Chrome Beta offers the same feature for tablets. I personally don’t like its implementation, so I wish we could turn it off, but it’s still progress. There is also a graph that lets you see how much data you saved with the data compression mode available in the beta.

If you want to start playing with the beta, hit the source link! The new features are pretty awesome, but beware of bugs that often plague cutting edge products like this.

Play: Chrome Beta | Phandroid

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