Chrome For Android Updated, Adds Full Screen Mode

Chrome for Android started pretty poorly, with lag issues and lack of features. For a long time, I simply did not want to use it. But Chrome quickly grew, with big speed improvements and the addition of many useful features. Today, Chrome for Android was updated to version 27 (to match the desktop version), and with it came a few new features.

The biggest feature is full screen mode. This allows the toolbar to disappear when scrolling down, similar to the behavior of the stock browser back in the day. With the small displays of phones (compared to desktop displays anyway), every millimeter of screen real estate counts, and this feature will add quite a bit of space.

Another feature is simplified searching in the omnibox, as Google calls it. It’s the URL box, really, but it does a lot more than just URLs. Searching from there will “keep your search query visible in the omnibox, making it easier to edit, and show more on your search result page.”

There is also a new tab history feature for tablets. Long pressing the browser back button will let you view your tab history, which is pretty nifty. And of course, you get the stability improvements that come with every update. Hit the source link to update Chrome for Android!

Play: Chrome Browser | Tech Crunch

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