Corning Claims That Sapphire Is Far More Brittle Than Gorilla Glass

Corning, best known for making the Gorilla Glass that covers over a billion devices in the world, has made a test to check how strong Gorilla Glass is compared to synthetic sapphire. If you didn’t know, sapphire is often being called the future of screen coating for mobile devices. It’s billed as stronger and more scratch resistant than any glass product currently on the market. Corning decided to take testing into their own hands, and they came up with some interesting results.

They did confirm that sapphire was more scratch resistant than their own Gorilla Glass 3. Sapphire is the second hardest material in the world, so it seems that it would obviously be more scratch resistant. However, Corning’s senior vice president and operations chief of staff Jeff Evenson called sapphire brittle. After the tumble test, both materials were subjected to a pressure test, and the sapphire didn’t fare as well as Gorilla Glass. The scratches it picked up weakened its structure far more than the Gorilla Glass, which stayed solid under pressure.

With Gorilla Glass being thinner, lighter, cheaper, and optically superior, Corning concluded that Gorilla Glass was the better material to use. These are in house tests, so we would like to see them confirmed independently, but it makes sense. And I think I’d prefer a few scratches over a weaker integrity. However, we have to wait to see if this is 100% true. Would you prefer sapphire or Gorilla Glass on your device?


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