Could The Leaked “XFON ATT” Be The Motorola X Phone?

Today, evleaks tweeted these photos of a “blackboxed” Motorola device, looking a lot like earlier X Phone leaks. However, it has the prototype shell on it to disguise it. The photos show off the software, which looks like mostly stock Android. However, you’ll notice that the device is running on AT&T and even has AT&T bloatware on it, so it is no Nexus. There are also a few little things they changed, like the carrier string being visible at all times and AT&T’s custom 4G LTE logo.

However, taking a look at the back, this is where things get interesting. The model name on the sticker says “XFON ATT,” which looks awfully similar to “X Phone.” DUN DUN DUN!

Unfortunately, nothing else can be said about these photos, aside from the fact that each of the three photos at the top has a different Motorola logo in the corner. The ring around it has different notches. Hopefully we’ll see something from Motorola soon, whether it be at their own event or at Google I/O. Are you excited to see what Motorola has in store? Tell us in the comments!

Twitter: @evleaks (2)

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