Could We See Revamped Google Apps And A Smart Watch At Google I/O?

Google I/O may bring some huge changes to some core Google apps on Android, if rumors are to be believed. Google seems to have a lot in store for us, which is awesome to hear, but what will we really be seeing at the event? Here is what the most recent rumors suggest.

The Google smart watch is real, and it’ll be announced at Google i/O. It’ll run Android just as we expected, and will be built by none other than Motorola. Motorola once made a smart watch running Android, and it definitely wasn’t bad, so there is no better company to build this one for Google. These rumors suggest that the user interface will be similar to what Google Glass has, with the card based navigation.

And of course, the watch will not be standalone. You’ll need to tether it to your smartphone, just like other smart watches. It will gain an internet connection through that tether and will not have built in radios.

Then, there is talk about an updated Google Maps app. We talked about the rumors that the Google Maps web interface would be getting a redesign, with a new floating UI with elements that come and go as you need them. The screenshots look great, and rumors suggest that the same UI would be coming to Android come Google I/O. It would have a floating search bar up top with navigation buttons right next to it. The action overflow button would find its home to the bottom right of the display, like many apps currently do.

We may also be getting a new Gmail app for Android. The current one is actually really nice, but we would not mind something even better. This one will also be highly simplified, with no bottom bar. The top bar will have the account selection, just like the current one, with the action overflow button next to it. The rest of the buttons will be hidden in a menu you access by swiping from the left bezel. We’re not sure of what to think of this: Google has been hiding a lot of vital functions in the Gmail web interface lately and it’s been a hassle. Simplicity should never get in the way of function.

Does any of this sound good to you? Does it make you excited? We can’t wait to see what Google does with the smart watch, because these accessories, at least in their current state, aren’t very useful. We would also like to see a prettier Google Maps app with updated navigation, as the current state of navigation is really no good. What are you most looking forward to?


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