Cyanogen Brings CM10.1 To The Galaxy S 4, Impresses Us With Skill And Wit

There seems to be a lot of misconception about the status of CyanogenMod on the new Samsung Galaxy S 4. Team Hacksung, one team that makes CM builds among many others, once stated that they may not be getting the Galaxy S 4, meaning that team will not be supporting it. And even to this day, I see people claiming that CyanogenMod will be skipping over the Galaxy S 4, despite trying my best to get rid of the misconception. How can I prove it to you?! Oh wait, this is how.

Steve Kondik, better known as Cyanogen around these parts, posted a photo of CM10.1 running on the T-Mobile Galaxy S 4 with the caption “Definitely not supporting the S4.” Good on you for taking a witty approach to what is probably a frustrating situation. I’m sure he’s more sick of those misconceptions than we are.

The Galaxy S 4 in the photo does not have the radios working, as you can probably tell, but he stated that he got them running shortly after. Looks like progress is going well on CyanogenMod, at least on this unlocked model. But rest assured that CyanogenMod is well on its way, and you’ll have this option when buying an S 4. Leave a comment with your thoughts on the situation!

+Steve Kondik

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