doubleTwist Music Player Getting Holo Redesign Update Tonight

The music player app doubleTwist has been around for a really long time, since Android was an ugly duckling. And for its time, doubleTwist was beautifully designed and far more functional than the stock player. It wasn’t until recently that Android started looking good, with its new Holo UI spread throughout both tablet and smartphone interfaces. And with the introduction of the Holo interface, apps started using it for their own purposes. Eventually, even Google’s own music app got a beautiful Holo redesign that wasn’t all neon blue (actually, it was only a few weeks ago). This finally created a small sense of unity in the app ecosystem. However, doubleTwist never really went with it. Why is that?

The way they describe it is that Android went through many UI styles, and fast. With the old 3D icons, to a flatter look, then green and orange accents, to blue, it was never constant. They saw no point in adopting Android design guidelines when they would change a in a few months. They had their own styling, which was attractive and refined, and it worked for them. However, unlike other styles, Holo stuck around. They noticed, and they’re now taking charge.

Yes, doubleTwist is getting the full Holo treatment! They redesigned everything they could with Holo, including the prompts, navigation using the up button, an overflow button, and a system bar. However, they still managed to retain their own styling, which is the beauty of Holo. All Holo apps don’t have to look the same; they can be infused with a custom look, making it a flexible but recognizable design standard. And boy does their redesigned app look good!

The app update will be published on Google Play tonight in Pacific time, as the company resides in San Francisco (represent!). We love how it looks and we can’t wait to try it out. It’s one of the few apps that continuously stays relevant and modern, which is very rare for an app. So, readers, tell us what you think!

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