Facebook Home Now Available For HTC One, Unofficially Supported On Galaxy S 4


Facebook continues to face an uphill battle to win the hearts and minds of Facebook Home users and to aid in that battle, they’d added support for the HTC One, with unofficial support for the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and Sony Xperia ZL. The addition comes as AT&T drops the price of the HTC First to 99 cents amidst reports that the device isn’t fairing as well as originally hoped.

According to Android Central, the Galaxy S 4 now shows the option to “Use Home Anyway” upon installation of the Home launcher. Hit the option and Facebook Home is said to work just fine. The same for the Xperia ZL. The site also reports that the “Use Home Anyway” function is no longer required for the HTC One, but with both the One and S 4 previously listed as “supported” devices when Home first launched, they were still unable to officially run the launcher.

If for whatever reason you have an itch to try Facebook Home on your Galaxy S 4/HTC One and for whatever reason haven’t been able to run it before today, giving it one more shot sounds like a good idea.

Android Central


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