Flipboard For Android Updated To Version 2.0, Now With Magazines

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 10.54.53 AM

With Flipboard 2.0 launching for iOS back in late March, it was only a matter of time before version 2 released for Android versions. For fans of the uber-popular app, that update is happening today and introduces a new magazine curation future which is the big draw with Flipboard 2.0. In summary, this version of Flipboard introduces some unique features to the Android app with the ability to “flip” items from native applications into Flipboard.

After nearly a year of enjoying Flipboard as readers, now people with an Android phone or tablet can be editors, too. Starting today, our Android community can collect and save the things they love into topical magazines on Flipboard. These can be private for personal consumption, or they can be public and shared on Flipboard and beyond.

Here’s a run-down of all the new features for Android and then check out the video for the full run-down on Flipboard magazines:

  • flip photos saved on your phone or tablet into your magazine
  • add items you find on the web via your mobile browser into your magazine
  • share magazine links to other apps, such as Skype and Facebook Messenger
  • curate from the Flipboard widget into a magazine


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