Galaxy S 4 Mini Might Launch At Samsung Premiere Event June 20th

Samsung announced their “Premiere 2013″ event today
, which is going to be on June 20th. They say they will be announcing new Galaxy and ATIV devices there, or Android and Windows devices for those unfamiliar with Samsung’s naming scheme. But what could we see at this event? New info given to the Wall Street Journal suggests that we will be seeing the Galaxy S 4 Mini launch at the event.

The Galaxy S 4 Mini is pretty much a sure thing by now, with many photos and sightings of the device. Plus, Samsung would never miss a chance to release yet another device. Zing! But the Premiere event won’t just be for one device; WSJ says that the Mini will be “one of the several new products the company plans to launch at the event.” That’s some exciting news, as we might see the Galaxy S 4 Active at the event too, among other things. We’re excited to see what will come, are you?

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