Get A Free DROID DNA From Verizon With Their Coupon

What’s better than a brand new smartphone? A free brand new smartphone of course. Verizon is giving out coupons for a free HTC DROID DNA, which usually goes for $199 with a new two year contract. You’d be saving $200 if you sign their contract and use the coupon. To get it, you’ll have to click on the source link and enter your email. You’ll get a coupon that you will be able to use online or in stores to get your free phone, as long as you sign their contract of course.

Why are they giving out these coupons? Is it just a promotion to get more people on their network, or is the DROID DNA reaching its end of life? Could this be a sign of a new HTC device coming to Verizon, like that DLXPLUS we keep hearing about? It’s very possible, but without official word from Verizon, we won’t know. What do you think? Is the DROID DNA about to die, or is Verizon just running a promotion? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

Verizon | Droid-Life

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