Gmail Getting Redesign Across Desktop, Android, iOS According To Leak

Last time we saw info about the Gmail redesign, it was thrown into a Google I/O presentation. We saw Google’s new “hamburger” button in the top left, symbolizing a slide out menu. The bottom bar was also missing, which was a big design change. And now, there is a new leak of info about this Gmail redesign, with a heap of new info. Let’s start with the Android app screenshot.

Just like we saw earlier from Google, the bottom bar is absent, the top bar has the three new buttons, and the hamburger button is present. It looks a lot like the previous leak, which supports its legitimacy. And we have to say, if it works well, it could be an amazing change. It sure looks good, aside from the various colors.

The iOS screenshot shows similar design aesthetics. And all three show off a new feature: smart organization of emails between five labels. You get Primary, Social, Promotions, Forums, and Notifications. These labels will automatically be populated based on where the emails came from. It should be a nice organization method, as long as we can view the inbox in full. Being forced into viewing only labels, without a way to see all emails at once, would be very unfortunate.

However, there are some major inconsistencies. With the Android screenshot, the clock in the status bar is all sorts of messed up, the labels are off, the grammar isn’t proper, and in general these screenshots don’t seem professional. The person who leaked these images claims they are from a draft of the Gmail blog post, so hopefully these will be fixed. Otherwise, it’d be pretty embarrassing.

They claim that the official blog post will go up at 4PM GMT on Wednesday, so we should be seeing it soon if that is true. Hopefully the apps will be released soon too, because we always like something new from Google. What do you think of the smart labeling feature? What about the new aesthetics? Tell us in the comments!

Android Police

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