Gmail Inbox Redesign Launches With New Tabs That Automatically Populate

How many emails do you get in a day? A lot, we assume. But, tell us, how many are important? For many of us, it’s a tiny fraction. We have to sift through piles of promotional offers, Facebook emails about Candy Crush invites, and the such. Labels help, but labels can’t read your mind and sort emails for you: they’re pretty restrictive. However, Google is trying to solve that issue with the new Gmail inbox.

It looks like all the rumors were true. We’ve seen this a few times, especially the “draft” screenshots floating around. The new Gmail for Android design has also been integrated, with no bottom bar and everything a simple swipe away, with a side bar revealed by the beautiful and elegantly named hamburger button in the corner.

Instead of having one inbox, you now have a collection of tabs. These tabs are Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums. Emails will automatically get organized into one of those five tabs, depending on the sender and the content. All of your social network emails that you probably don’t need anyway will be put into the Social tab, while promotions like Google Offers will be in the Promotions tab. And of course, your most important emails from people will go into Primary.

Luckily, Google avoided the one possible flaw in this system: you’re never relegated to only one tab. You can select as many tabs as you want, from all five to none, and drag messages between tabs to organize them. And if you star a message, it’ll appear in the Primary tab.

The mobile experience has adopted the same type of inbox, except the implementation is a little different. The Android and iOS apps will allow you to switch between the inboxes just as seamlessly, as long as your Android phone has ICS or later.

The new inbox redesign will be rolling out to people slowly, so don’t expect to see it immediately. However, keep an eye out for it because you might see it soon. But for now, do tell us: What do you think? Is this the new organization method that will make our lives easier, or is it an extra complication? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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