Google Adds Street View Of 9/11 Memorial And Central Park, Hurricane Sandy Recovery Map

Google has been expanding their maps to new places for a long time, and this time they’re adding new Street View data to places in New York. The first is the 9/11 memorial, allowing you to tour the area from the comfort of your own computer. You can also view the names of the victims on the edges. It’s a great way to visit the area if you can’t make it to New York or want to avoid huge crowds.

Another, more light hearted place they added to Street View is Central Park. Not only are the roads in Street View, but you can also walk down all the paths now. They partnered with the Central Park Conservancy to take these images (with awesome bikes pulling cars with the 360 degree cameras). You should definitely check it out.

Aside from additions to Street View, Google also created a community photo and video album for Hurricane Sandy, partnered with Historypin. It will allow people to share photos of the area struck by the hurricane, whether they are before or after the disaster. It’ll be a good place for victims of the hurricane to come together and share memories and experiences. You should head over there if you have any photos or video you can provide.

It’s always nice to see Google expanding their Maps, though they’re probably the best in the business as it is. Hell, they have Street View imagery underwater.

Google Maps Blog | Android Police

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