Google Announces More Devices Compatible With Google Wallet, Only Sprint And US Cellular Devices

Google Wallet has been somewhat of an exclusive club, and there is nothing good about that. Not many devices support the service, and all the devices that do are exclusive to Sprint and some smaller carriers. Google Wallet has failed to expand, the biggest reason being the other three big carriers all supporting Isis mobile payment over Wallet. However, Google is still pushing as hard as it can, as it just announced four new devices that are now supported by Wallet.

The Sprint variants of the Samsung Galaxy S 4, Galaxy Note II, and the HTC One. The US Cellular Galaxy Note II is also gaining support. You can simply download the Google Wallet app from the Play Store, set it up, and get paying! It’s just too bad all other carriers won’t let us do the same thing, because as an AT&T customer, I’d love to use Wallet.

+Google Wallet | Tech Crunch

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