Google Announces Play Games, Allows Multiplayer And Game Save Sync

Here at Google I/O, Google has just announced their newest Google Play Services service, called Google Play Games. This service has many new features that were sorely needed on Android. The first is sync of game saves. This means that in supported games, you can play one level on one device and continue on another. I know that many people have been begging for this feature for a long time, so we’re excited to see it happen!

Another is achievements and leaderboards. This will integrate with your Google account and a friends list, allowing you to not only be competitive with everyone, but specifically with your friends list. Achievements will also sync across devices, which is awesome.

Then there is multiplayer. Google will handle all the server stuff, while developers can easily integrate it all into their games. This will allow people to join their friends with true, real time multiplayer. Think of it as an “Xbox Live” for Android. And best of all, this will also be available for iOS and web games to be truly cross platform. These updates to Google Play Services will come to all Android devices Froyo and up automatically, so you might see it soon! Are you excited to see all this?

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