Google Announces The Samsung Galaxy S 4 With LTE, Stock Android, And The Nexus Experience

For those that are stock Android enthusiasts, nothing is better than a Nexus device. But we’re sure you’re jealous of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 hardware. Fortunately, now you can have both. Google announced a version of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 with completely stock Android 4.2, with the true Nexus experience. Not only that, but it’ll get prompt software updates straight from Google.

Of course, as all Nexus devices, it will have an unlocked bootloader for modifications. However, unlike any other Nexus device currently available, the Galaxy S 4 will be unlocked with LTE access across both AT&T and T-Mobile. You’re getting the full Galaxy S 4 hardware with stock Android. What’s better than that? The device will launch on June 26th straight on the Google Play Store for a high price of $649. Sure, that’s a high price, but this is still a Samsung device. Will you be getting one?

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