Google Edition Galaxy S 4 Will Launch Only In The US

Google announced the Samsung Galaxy S 4 with stock Android at Google I/O, and it looks amazing. It’s top of the line hardware with stock Android. What more could you want? Don’t say a cheaper price tag. But if you were excited for it, this might be a slight damper on your mood. Google has decided that this device will launch only in the United States.

They did not say that it would only be available in the US, but only launch here. There is a huge possibility that, like with all other Nexus devices, they will expand availability after release. In fact, it’s pretty likely. However, when it does come out, you’ll either have to wait or import one for yourself. And with a price tag of $649, paying extra to import it is a bit difficult.

However, you will be getting a full Nexus user experience in what is some of the fastest hardware available. With a quad core Snapdragon 600 clocked at a high 1.9GHz, 2GB of RAM, and a stock build of Android that’ll simply fly, you’ll be getting an incredibly fast device. And with an unlocked bootloader, you can get hacking! LTE support is just icing on the cake. So for those outside of the US, will you still be getting one? Will you wait for availability to spread, or will you import one? Leave a comment!


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