Google Experience Devices Will Not Kill The Nexus Line

Google is now planning to sell two Google Edition devices, namely the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and the HTC One. These phones have top of the line hardware melded with fully stock Android, providing the best of Samsung and HTC hardware without the bloat and overlays. This initially sounds like amazing news, until you think about the complications. These two devices are better than the Nexus 4 in every way, and if manufacturers start releasing Google Edition tablets, what will happen to the Nexus line? Will it die out?

Luckily, Sundar Puchai says that the Nexus line isn’t going anywhere. He says that “the goal behind Nexus was to guide the ecosystem. But that will continue as well.” With full AOSP support and a sort of cult following, along with an incredibly low price tag, the Nexus line serves an important purpose that Google Edition devices simply can’t emulate. So we will continue seeing Nexus devices, and most likely continue buying them, even when manufacturers start making Google Edition of every device they make (I doubt they ever will). But tell us, do you think that the Google Edition devices devalue the Nexus line?


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