Google Fiber Coming To Shawnee, Kansas, Maybe To Raytown Missouri

It’s a big day of news for Google Fiber today, as two cities have announced deals with Google to bring their gigabit internet to the cities. The first city is Shawnee, Kansas, and it’s officially getting Google Fiber. Due to its proximity to Kansas City and their advancements in using the internet to spread information, they were selected as a candidate. Their city council voted for it, so Google will now start the planning stages. Unfortunately, they don’t have an estimate on when it’ll be done, but rest assured that it’s coming eventually.

The next city isn’t quite official yet, because their city council has not approved it, but the deal between Google and Raytown, Missouri is there. The voting process should start in late May, so then we’ll find out if the city is getting Fiber for sure. Then the planning stage starts, so it may be a long while before Google Fiber is available. Still, these cities are first in line to get it. Do any of you live in these cities?

Google Fiber Blog | Kansas City | Droid-Life

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